My music career started at the age of 16 when I performed my first concert. I started as a singer/guitarist in a 3 piece band. Over the years I have toured the world performing a wide range of music over many years. I have an audio engineers degree which I have used to record music and to engineer music in live venues. I have appeared on many recordings as well as writing and performing music for TV and short films.

I have spent 34 years performing, writing and teaching music. I trained for 8 years to become a vocal coach (singing teacher) and have been crafting my vocal teaching skills for nearly 20 years. I have been blessed to have had singing students travel all over the world performing as well as on TV (The Voice, Xfactor and more).

Over my many years of teaching I have refined my technique so that I can provide learning for everyone no matter what level they are at. My simple to understand teaching style has been so successful that I have been able to teach students from USA, England, China, Philippines, South Africa, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Brazil just to name a few. My techniques are so easy to relate to that I have had success teaching students in many languages from many different back grounds such as English, Mandarin, Hebrew, Portuguese, Italian and many, many more.

I have a passion for my students to learn to sing beyond what they have dreamed of. My passion has driven me to push my students to incredible levels. I don't waste time teaching techniques that don't work. I focus on core principles which I teach in a way that is easy to understand and easy to monitor. I love to teach students so that they can keep improving and refining their vocal performance every day. I am the owner and creator of The Complete Singing Course and Francis Vocal Academy Rose Bay Australia.